Into the North Sea

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 1 May 2008 18:26

Hi All


Although we planned to leave Harlingen in the evening at 22:00 as all the shops were closed because of festival we decide to go in the daylight so we can see the coast and we have only one night at sea.  We prepare for a 22 hour sail, the wind is blowing 20 knots plus when we set off but the forecast predicts it dropping so we make a move at 10.30 ish, some Dutch boats are getting out at 11am so we follow them through the bridges out into the North sea.


The lanes are busy with all cargo ships and day sailors so we start off our journey, sailing with no 2 reef in making 10 knots through the water.  The day sailing is fine as the channel is very clearly marked and we make good time down to the Elbe and into Germany.  The night sailing is more difficult we put the canopy up and David was still cold, so he went for a sleep he also put the heating on so we could keep warm, I was lovely and toasty.  The lights and unidentified lights had us both on pins at times as there were lots of fishing boats and trawlers out there, all the large ships were in the main lanes and that was very easy to keep them all to port.  Anyway no mishap’s and we arrive at 8.20 into Cuxhaven.  Book in for one night



Leaving Holland

Into the night with Kaikoura

And on into the night



Best Regards


David & Suzanne