La Coruna for 3 days

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 14 Jun 2009 17:03

After a day’s recovery, we planned to set off 2 miles across the bay from the lovely anchorage into La Coruna, well thing happen don’t they!!!!


Tried to pick up the anchor, the anchor was so heavy the windlass was under strain, so David drove over the anchor to see if he could break it free, No this didn’t work, I took up some more slack anchor chain, we noticed under the water that we had picked up an old ships anchor and mooring line unmarked.  David came up with the idea to get a line from both sides attach the lines to both sides of the old anchor and cleats these lines to the bow.  This enabled us to put a trip line on our anchor, drop our anchor free of the attached old anchor ( which was now hanging from our bow) our anchor freed it self and David then pulled the trip line to pull up our anchor by hand as far away from the boat as poss.  Do you still understand this? as by now I was in a panic.  Anyway it did free this way, and once our anchor was clear, we released the lines from our bow and the old ships anchor and all trimming sank to the bottom of the sea, happy end to the story, thank god or it could have been expensive lost anchors cost a lot.  We would never have retrieved it as we had over 10 mtrs of water.


Even though it says in the Imray book do not anchor in La Coruna, the locals say its dangerous as lots of old moorings on the sea bed.


With relief we were free so we motored over to La Coruna Marina Seca where there is water at the quay so you can get gasoil during Spanish office hours.  We filled up with Gasoil 325 litres at 0.99€ , not bad.


I then radioed up on VHF 09 to the marina expecting it to be difficult to book in, only to be told that the rib would meet us outside the breakwater and assist us to our berth, where the 2 lads caught our lines and secured us up safely.  The customs where simple, I gave our passports and a typed up crew and boat information list which made it very easy, we were checked in, simple. 97€ for 3 nights. at La Coruna.  Its a lovely new marina with new pontoons with a brand new club house and facilities, quite posh and friendly.


Marina building with cash point


Marina Berths


David got the bikes out, filled the water tanks, I set the washing machine going and off we went exploring, the old town, we had cycle paths all the way around town we then has a Sushi lunch at 3pm (the Spanish eat late) overlooking the marina and picked up some cakes  for dessert later.



Nice place to visit or hole into if the weather is bad, brilliant place to cycle as they have cycle paths all over.  Weather about 25



Main Square and the fish market



Views and old relics


Love to you all we are off tomorrow 50 miles down the coast to Camarinas for a few days then round Finisterre