Kennedy Compound Hyannis Port

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 19 Jul 2011 21:49
We set sail on Tuesday morning at first light for Hyannis and Hyannis Port, home of the Kennedy’s and still being chased by J Class yachts, with Ranger anchoring alongside us again. My motivation was two fold as were were looking for a new RIB and West Marine had a 3,5m hypalon RIB at only $2,800 and it was a chance to see both the Kennedy Compound and the Kennedy Museum.
We had a great sail, wind on the nose, but Suzie Too cracked on and we entered the dredged channel just after low water with my depth alarm continually complaining because we had less than 4m of water. We made it to the anchorage just behind Egg Island and the Harbour Master, a young kid, asked if we could move in a little further, but I told him we have a 9ft draft and he seemed suitably impressed and left us alone.
We ribbed into town and walked the 4 miles in 85 degrees, stopping at D’Angelo’s for a hot medium steak and cheese sandwich on multi, to West Marine to look at the RIB and it was just that exceptionally cheap and nasty, so we rang for a cab and high tailed it back into town to the Kennedy Museum.
As we arrived we met Andrew and Celia coming out the door and they gave us their stickers to save us the $5 – we are such cheapskates. The museum was really only photos showing the glossy side of JFK, a happily married, family man who loved sport, not much of which true, but having been to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Deeley Plaza, Dallas Texas, where it all ended on Nov 22 1963 it was sobering, to see the family that was left behind.