Sailing in Sweden

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David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 6 Jun 2008 09:07

Copenhagen was wonderful, if you want a city break this is a place to visit, lots to see including changing of the guards…. the little Mermaid was just around the corner from our boat.  The harbour we stayed was called Langlinie and was only a 5 min bike ride to the centre, the harbourmaster was very friendly and the marina had very basic facilities, but had a lovely feel to it.


We moved on the 6th June to Ystad to meet up with Kaikoura, set off at 6am and we arrived about 3pm, long sail similar to a channel crossing, Ystad was another nice cobbled town, there was another Danish holiday again so nothing open.  Got the bikes out to explore town and we stopped at the only chandlery, which was closed, but the lady was just sorting out her dogs and kindly opened for us so we were able to buy a gas bottle and a stern mooring hook, which every one was raving about.  Also bought a Swedish flag as this was the 1st Swedish Chandlery open so far.  The lady in the chandlery was a journalist for a Stockholm magazine and was very helpful and her English was excellent.  We picked up some steaks from a local co-op and had BBQ on the beach…what a life!!!!


Woke up next morning and helped Kaikoura get fuel as Di had only just got back at 7am from working in Amsterdam she was still in bed, we then filled up which cost us 4040 SK which is expensive.  


We then set off towards Utklippen as this was the agreed destination for the next night, but the wind was on the nose and after paying so much for fuel we thought we would try and sail a bit more, Kaikoura motored on but we decided to sail to the mainland and stayed in a small place called Simrisham.  Which again is a small cobbled town, but this being Saturday again nothing open.  The weather is still sunny and warm so had meal on deck and caught the last of the sun in the cockpit.  Denmark has had the most sun in 130 years we picked a good year to visit.


Next mooring we set off at 7am to the Island of Utklippen, which was about 50 miles away.


Our little mermaid on the rocks  Hollie posing!!!

First beach in Sweden

Another Bridge a short cut

 We need more wind power

BBQ on beach

Old bird catching some rays

Swedish Stonehenge

Night night



Love to all that read this blog