Auntie Irene Leaves

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 28 Aug 2011 20:27
At 1400ET it looks like the eye is passing over us as the pressure has been stable at 970mb for 2 hours and the winds are now less than 20kts and the waves in the river are settling. Some guys have been out on windsurfers and and there is a massive “waterfall” on the opposite bank that wasn’t there yesterday. There is plenty of debris floating down river but we are anchored behind a shoal bank, so hope to get some protection, just waiting for the south side to come though and the boat to turn on the wind shift.
I’ve been watching a movie “District" 9” – not too bad, Suzanne wasn’t keen so got stuck into her Kindle.
It’s down river in the morning 93 miles to Sandy Hook, unless we get a foul tide and stop at Liberty Landings for a while and swap salty dog stories about "My Hurricane Experience” with everyone. Maybe even stop at West Point cos they do tours of the Naval Academy and see if I can get an Officer to give Suzanne one.
Now it’s out on deck again to sort out the safety lines on the tender which are now wrapped around the engine leaving it side on to the wind and waves and here comes the wind from the southern edge now. Should all be over by bedtime, except just had a VHF warning about a 30ft sail yacht that has broken free from its mooring up river, so need to keep watch.