RIDS Revisited

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 9 Jan 2011 22:34
Many of the RIDS boats stayed in Trinidad for the hurricane season, lifting out at Peake Boatyard at Chagaramus. Phil & Norma from Minnie B met up with many of them as they re-fitted out their boat for the season and then spent some time cruising in Tobago with, Remy & Jo on X-Trem and Jose and Maite on Jomay. They all came up to Grenada, but X-Trem and Jomay needed to make flights and pressed on north to Martinique.
We bumped into Phil & Norma at the chandlery Island Water World and planned to hook up on Saturday night at Da Big Fish in True Blue Bay when a live band “Dock Adams” would be playing. During Saturday we saw another RIDS boat steaming into Port Louis, Francois & Nicole on Pilhoue V, so we invited them to tag along and had a great evening.
Now we are having the boat finally cleaned and will be leaving on Monday 10 to the anchorages, then planning to get our Visa Photos for our B2 for the USA. Phil & Norma are joining us Monday night for a meal and they have crew arriving on Tue, then all 6 of us are all doing an Island Tour on Thursday.
At the same time we may be planning for Canada !! – for the summer months of July & August – so New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland – watch this space !!  Just a few ideas at the moment, meeting up with Minnie B in the Gulf of St Lawrence as they will go up the canals, which even with our mast down (yea right – no one is messing with my mast) we are still too big to go through.
We will be in the UK for a few days in Feb / March, then again for most of May and September – so see you sooner than you think – cos its already later than you realised.
Photo shows Francois as usual with 2 rather attractive ladies, Phil looking a little stunned and some old bloke wearing a padded polo shirt – Francois’s wife Nicole is taking the photo.