I'm a Grandma....14 May

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 14 May 2009 12:01

A week early 3.16 on the 14th May Helen gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Ethan Wayne 7.4lbs


 A small amount of dark hair (So no Red head) and just lovely.


I received a call at 3.30 to say he had arrived, panic set in as we were in the middle of the river in Salcombe.  How were we going to get back to Abingdon.  David took charge and we sailed into Plymouth while I was on the phone trying to sort out a berth and a car to hire, all of which were full so after the 3rd attempt Mayflower marina rang me back with a free permanent berth, all the cars were out to the navy as there were 3 ships in the harbour so we ended up with a small manual car which David had to crowbar himself into.


Anyway Helen was out of hospital within 12 hours so we went straight round to their house for that first cuddle of both daughter and baby also gave Wayne a big hug.   Just lovely……


All doing well, next day did grandma bit went to Mothercare and got some small baby grows etc, then looked after baby and Helen while Wayne went shopping and the Midwife came.   Had a lovely day.






Grandma holding baby Ethan



Ooh…. He’s lovely



Me and my son Andy celebrating his new job



Good news about Andy, he has landed a new job in Abingdon same day, so all is well.


Love from Suzanne & David  (Grandma & Granddad)