My Birthday - a milestone in Senegal

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 29 Nov 2009 16:48

What a place to have a birthday, I will remember the whole experience as it was wonderful, the whole trip is a life changing experience.


Thank you so much for all your cards, messages and presents.  It was lovely to receive all these as I miss you all very much.


Well, I had a lovely day, it started very early at 7am, as we had to catch the Navette boat taxi ashore.  We were booked on a trip to see the Pink lake and have lunch. When I arrived on shore everyone sang me happy birthday in French, then they sang it again in English when I got on the mini bus.


Hollie& Di I wore my birthday badge all day….


We visited the Salt Lake, then a village where I bought a wooden Giraffe for the boat and to put money into the village.  They showed us their huts and food huts, very basic, 9 to a room. Then we went across the sand dunes and raced along the beach in the 4 x 4 ‘s






We had races along the beach in the 4x4’s








Lunch with everyone




We had live music, where they sang to me and Amina as it was her birthday as well.


Then it was back to the hotel, where David had booked me a session with the hairdresser, and I also had the toes and nails done.




Candle blowing with Priscill, Gabriel & Guinel




A BBQ to finish a wonderful day on the back of African Sea Wing, with Martha & Frank, Sue & Lambert, Phil & Norma, James, David & Malcolm


Thanks everyone for a BRILLIANT DAY!!!! Love to you all