Hoorn to Enkhuizen

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 27 Apr 2008 08:44


Short sail today, but a huge lock system to go through, the Krabbersgate Naviduct which you call on VHF22, then when you have passed through the lock you motor towards the bridge, the lights go green and red and you make a run for it. Kaikoura missed this lock and bridge, as they were fuelling up, so we motored on to our next Town Quay.



Evening BBQ courtesy of Kaikoura in Hoorn

Enkhuisen Museum Village

Dutch barges on the Ijsselmeer

Hollie having her picnic on deck


Very soon after this we take a turn into Enkhuizen we opt to go into the town centre against the harbour wall.  There is a beer festival going on and live music giving a holiday spirit feel to the place.  


The main attraction is the extensive Zuiderzee museum we spent the afternoon going around the open air reconstructed villages, where the buildings have been saved and relocated within the museum showing all the old trades from rope making, to smoking mackerel (which I not caught yet!) very interesting nice to walk around in nice weather too.


Cycled back to boat and did impromptu drinks on board Suzie Too.



Best Regards


David & Suzanne