Back in Kiel Germany "Full circle"

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 23 Aug 2008 11:09

Hi Guys


Well 2849 miles since we set off in April and we still have a 1000 miles to go to the UK.


We motored over night from Straus land, where we had a short stop against the town quay, just to stock up the fridges at a decent shop then we set off into the night to cover 121 miles, across the shipping lanes which were scary in the dark as so many ships were coming at you from all directions.  Anyway safely across, David and I did 3 hour shifts and we arrived very wet in the pouring rain in Kiel for Brunch.  Moored up opposite the Kiel Yacht Club where we had our 1st celebration meal when we arrived in the Baltic.  So we had to book again, we had a lovely meal and reminisced about the 11 countries we have be privileged to visit during our trip.


Sadly this is the end of our Baltic trip, we still have to make our way back to Portsmouth, but we have no plans as to which route we take yet and have no time plan.  Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to Steve, Di and Hollie from Kaikoura as they have to get back for Hollies school term and have to do the journey in a week so they are heading off to the UK and we will meet them at Warash in time for the Southampton Boat show on the 12th September.



Our last night in Kiel Yacht club, our last place in the Baltic – We are happy and sad at the same time, we reminisced over all the good times we have had on our Baltic trip, Anholt and Stockholm came out top.



Now on our way out of the Baltic, the weather has changed already and its time to leave, we know that we had the best times ever and had great company in Steve, Di and the star Hollie.  Had brilliant times sailing with these guys and made memories we will never forget.


Love to all of you


Suzanne & David xxx