Arrived in Finland 1st stop Mariehamn

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 11 Jul 2008 10:49



Before setting off to Finland I had to ring GJW Insurance as we were only insured up to 60 degrees and we would soon be passing this point, they added this sailing area of Finland and Estonia for a month without any extra charge, so on we go….


We set off at 4am as a long days sailing ahead, 76 miles.  We sailed through the northern Archipelago Island for 3 hours out in to the open sea and across to Finland.  We had a wonderful sail, sunny again, we have been so lucky with the weather, it was windy 15 to 20 knots and we were making 8-9knots on one tack.  There was no traffic on the sea until we reached the coast of Finland then it was like a motorway and you had to keep to your own lane.  We found out later that this weekend is the last weekend of the Finnish school holidays so everyone was heading back home.


We went into Mariehamn marina on the west side, which is lovely place and had a great sailing feel to it, everybody so far has been very friendly, helpful and speaks wonderful English.


We stayed 2 nights, Di and I had a sauna every morning with the natives and on the second day did a touristy thing, David  hired a car (Ford) and David drove us around the many Islands all connected by road clocking up 200 miles, we had a hotdog picnic, climbed the mountain, had afternoon tea by a castle and went swimming followed by a pub supper.  Great day.



Leaving Sweden with this chasing us..

1st view of Finland

Fancy Maypole

Down town Mariehamn

Tea and hotdogs courtesy of Suzie too

Our own little mermaid

David’s arty shots

Another of David’s arty shots, he’s enjoying playing with his camera now

Another rock to climb

Good job I’m slimish…


Recovering from our mountain walk

We didn’t try to sail under promise…

Castle ruins


Beautiful night skies it still only dark for a few hours

Typical little island

Close company





Finland is a lovely place and we would definitely come back and spend some more time here sailing up to Turku to as it seems to more set up for sailing with its very well marked passages, charts and marina which are all much more detailed.  Also the Finnish seem to be able to sail as the Swede’s just pointed their boats and bumped their way in and out of marinas.  Just think if they had tides…dangerous maybe better not to think about it as we have to do Sweden on the way back home.



Love to everyone


Suzanne & David xxxxx