Endurance Expedition

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 10 Feb 2010 15:19
Well I know I moaned about how exhausted we are, but it has been tough on the crews the boats and the equipment. So Fortaleza didn't get much of a look really - we were at the Marina Park Hotel and just all chilled by the pool for a week, although again it wasn't easy to sleep in the rolly anchorage. We were asked "Please don't go out with your feet" and had to take a taxi, prices for food and drink here were much less than on the east coast and we caught up with our new sailing family and their news.
The group that went south to Rio had an accident during an excursion in a mini bus, a car pulled out the driver was killed and 2 of our friends suffered serious injuries one a broken leg the other a broken ankle - so that's now 4 broken legs on this expedition. The group is now down to 6 boats and they are sorry they left such a super group - the camaraderie has all gone.
In terms of boats - at least 3 more spinnakers blown, 1 spinnaker pole broken and pedestal ripped from the deck during a gybe, 1 broken lower shroud, 1 rudder jammed against the hull and had to have the quadrant removed at sea, not to mention the usual troubles with water makers, fridges, generators, alternators and electronics
So crews (husbands and wives - yes including us) have all been getting VERY stressed, some very tearful and others thinking of packing sailing in - so time to try and relax and save some energy for the 2 month push into the Amazon