Ria Du Pontevedra

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 3 Jul 2009 12:02

Well another Ria, well marked and well charted but the buoys do not match either of the charts we have or the pilot books, so did our best to miss the rocks, all have lovely beaches and the weather is also getting hotter the further south we go..  30 degrees most days now.


We seem to have met up with a cruising set that spent their winter together in La Rochelle and are now on their way down south.  Everyone says that the area we are sailing Galica is beautiful and not to be missed and we have to agree with them.  The only thing is I wish is that one of us spoke Spanish as its hard to order any food out as they have no English menus and no pictures so you have no idea what you are ordering.



Loads of clam fish farms


We had 3 nights at anchor behind the Isa Tambo, Richard and Claire were already at anchor when we arrived.  We set out our anchor and our anchor buoy as this marks out where our anchor lays no matter which wind direction.  We had a bit of excitement on the 2nd night as the wind dropped completely, we were just getting into bed and we heard this tapping nice under the boat.  It took us a while to realise that we had drifted over our anchor buoy and it was under the boat, all night we were worried about dragging this and then that dragging the anchor, so a bad night was had watching the anchor alarm to see if we had moved.  Next morning early we both had a plan of how we were going to get the anchor buoy from under the boat.  We got out our underwater camera, attached the camera to the end of the boat hook, held it underneath the boat to see what the anchor buoy line had got stuck on, we could see the line clearly, we were just getting a long line ready to drag down both sides of the boat starting from the bow, when the wind picked up made the boat swing around.  Guess what popped out, yes the anchor buoy.  We spent hours worrying about this thing and it sorted it out its self.




Got ready then and decided to head into Combarro which is a delightful town with quaint narrow streets where everyone has turned there house into a shop selling witches and they bus the tourists in at 10 min intervals.   The coffin looking things outside everyone’s houses are grain stores. We found the marina at Cambarro was not so friendly they would not let us tie our dingy up to the pontoon.







Our lunch



Their house were just turned into shops selling witches


We had a goodnights sleep after a BBQ on “No Agenda” the red wine and food flowed freely, had a good trip back to the boat didn’t get wet as the wind had dropped.  There was  lots of dolphin in the bay and flying fish, still not caught anything yet. 



Richard & Claire, Harry from No Agenda and us


Next day we me John and Robin on a Cat called Panthra they had just picked their new Cat up from Les Sable d’Olonne, they are from New Zealand on a 5 year trip,  had a good look around, what a lot of space they have and David was drooling with the storage space for Generators etc.



John & Robin, sat on the back of the Cat.


Love to you all


Suzanne & David xxx