Necessity is in Vestmanneyjar, Iceland

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 7 Aug 2013 18:03
Our position is 63:23:63N 20:16:21W
We (Hans-Jacob and I) came in at sunset last night. Vestmanneyjar is quite a sight. It is extremely volcanic, and the local volcano is still smoking a bit now and again. Some 40 years ago the locals didn't quite know if they would be able to live here at all, but they saved most of the town by spraying cold water at the lava and thus redirecting the flow. In between the volcanos there is a perfect harbour, mostly for the fishing industry, but also for cruise ships and us. We are here with two big cruise ships, so today the place drowned in "sheeple" (Sheep shot). They will be gone tomorrow giving us a chance to see the place.
We had a very good time in Keflavik. The town is located at what is called Reykjanes (smoking peninsula), and smoking it is in quite a few places. By car we visited the sights, some of them being somewhat hellish (hot, smoky and smelling of sulfur). It is also interesting to see all the geothermal power plants utilizing this unique source of energy. There was still power in the "Geyser" as well. We also visited the old "Alting" site at Thingvellir. The Alting is perhaps the oldest national parliament in the world established around 930. We also had time to visit various local museums getting the Icelandic take on the Viking migration and the discovery of Vineland. It was of course interesting since we follow roughly the same route. During all this activity Necessity was quite safe in a very small marina in Keflavik.
If the weather forecast stays like it is we will leave for the Faroe Islands on Friday.
Jan Fr. 07.08.13

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