Necessity is at sea in the North Pacific

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 12 Jul 2009 04:00
Our position is 40:53:35N 158:08:64E
We are at sea between Japan and Alaska, currently 900 miles out from Hitachi-ko on Honshu. The distance to Kiska in the Aleuts where we hope to make landfall is 1050. “We are Katherine and Jan Fredrik. It is good to have Katherine onboard. She has crewed for us before between Tonga and New Zealand, and she was the best possible crew for this somewhat tougher passage.
Our send off from Hitachi was extraordinary thanks to Japanese hospitality. Hitachi is a very industrial town with no facilities for yachts. There is, however, a fishing harbor where we found a place for Necessity. We are told that Japanese fishermen are not fond of yachts. That may be true for Japanese yachts that are seen as competitors when it comes to harbors and facilities. Necessity was treated with enormous interest and respect. A number of fishermen came onboard to see how we live. Then we were off to the supermarket for the last provisioning. On return we were stunned. The cockpit was filled with quality food having been bought by the fishermen as a send off gift. It was much more than we could use, but to refuse a gift is not easy in Japan. We packed it and expressed our gratitude. Japan has been an extraordinary experience with many unexpected facets.
Then we were off at 2100 hours, in the dark. No problems. At the time of writing we have been through a strong gale, fortunately from behind. There is always the odd hatch that is forgotten, so now one of our PCs is dead. A burial at sea may be appropriate since it is already soaked.
By now we are in full foul weather gear with temperatures like the North Sea. Alaska here we come.
S/Y Necessity
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