Necessity is in Puerto Magdalena in Bahia Magdalena

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 23 Jan 2011 04:13
Our position is 24:38:11N 112:08:23W
Necessity is anchored in a huge, well protected bay. The little village is dusty and not much to look at. The main attraction is a pile of old whale bones, some from Blue Whales. Many of the houses are without roofs (a recent hurricane?). The cantina is, however, very friendly and the children are smiling. Three people can eat here for 8 dollars. Three people because Bronwyn is onboard in addition to Eva and myself. Bronwyn is easy going and copes very well with Necessity and its owners. We are having a good time.
A local effect makes the anchorage quite windy, but it is not a concern. The anchor is well set, and the wind gives us plenty of electric power. Otherwise the big bay is best known as a mating ground for grey whales, so a few tourists trickle through to watch.
We are off tomorrow for Cabo san Lucas which, we are led to believe, is high class and very expensive. It will take us 30 hours to get there. Whatever the cost, we now look forward to wash the boat - and maybe a swim in a pool for ourselves.
Jan Fr.