Necessity is in Coron on the island of Busuanga

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 13 Apr 2009 23:47
Our position is 11:59:75N 120:11:80E
Another day and a night against the wind and currents. It was somewhat wet, but not really a problem. When I still had a bad feeling it was due to our maps. We have both paper and electronic, but they are both equally bad. One thing is that the features have been misplaced by more than half a mile. That can be vectored in. Much worse, whole islands, half a mile long, is simply missing. This is not a place to go sailing at night, and yet that is what we have to do. Scary. We use our radar in the knowledge that not all features are significant above seal level. Our eyes are glued to the depth sounder. But we are now here in Coron town without incident. Coron is famous for diving, and we are now looking forward to a dive or two on a hole fleet of Japanese cargo ships that were sunk by American planes during the war.
Palawan and Puerto Princesa were really good. The Yacht Club that we found in Puerto Princesa was a gem with a superb staff, perfect location and good food. A good meal including a few beers will set you back all of 7$US. We also visited the longest navigable river cave in the world - or so they claim. It was a special experience to paddle around in the dark. We are now very experienced "cave men".
Jan Fr. and Johan
S/Y Necessity
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