Necessity is in Bolinao on the island of Luzon

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 26 Apr 2009 10:00
Our position is 16:23:08N 119:54:87E
We are now in one of the safest Typhoon shelters in the Philippines. This is because there is a possible typhoon developing out in the Pacific to the east of us. Not likely, but possible. We are also waiting for a weather window for going to Okinawa in Japan. The straight north of the Philippines is known for bad weather so we want to have a good forecast.
This place looks nice. We already had a local guest onboard giving us advice and organizing a water taxi to town in the morning. Much nicer than last night when we tried to visit a private island, Hermana Mayor, a little to the south. The local security force saw us off. Rumors that the local owner was friendly to visiting yachts were clearly wrong.
Jan Fr. and Johan
S/Y Necessity
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