Necessity is in Kodiak

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 15 Aug 2009 20:24
Our position is 57:47:18N 152:24:65W
We came here from Geographic to pick up my wife Eva, my son Fredrik, and Fredrik's brother in law Cameron. We will be going back to Geograpic.
I always want to tell people about the nice and very good places we visit. Geographic is so special you almost want to keep it a secret. It is a little late for that, however, since National Geographic did a story on the bay as early as 1919. Hence the name. Geographic is truly a highlight en par with the orangutans of Kumai river in Borneo.
The bears in Geographic are preoccupied with catching salmon. That is the only explanation why they ignore the little group of people gathered on the beach sometimes less than 30 feet away. I have not heard of any "accidents" in Geographic.
The situation is more "normal" between the bears. If a big alpha male approaches, the other bears retreat. A mother with a one year old cub was in full swing when we got to the beach. She was a real expert picking up salmon like we pick candy. Her cub was already well fed looking like an overstuffed Teddy bear. If you do not get a good photo i Geographic you should get rid of your camera.
SY Necessity with Katherine and Jan Fr. onboard.
Eva will be back in two days.
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