Necessity is in Puerto Princesa on Palawan

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 5 Apr 2009 13:24
Our position is 09:44:84N 118:43:78E
Two days against wind, currents and sea. We made less progress in 24 hours than we have ever done before. Two knots of contrary currents and steep waves on the nose took its toll. Our "drag line" looks like a child's rendering of a Christmas tree. No 90 degree beats for two days. Then, just before Puerto Princesa, we were out of the counter current, and everything was back to normal.
Porta Princesa is, finally, our port of entry to the Philippines. We are headed for Immigration tomorrow, but we had a preview of the town today. Puerto Princesa looks nice and is VERY clean. It is famous throughout the Philippines for having no trash in the streets. Not even a small scrap of paper to be seen. This is Sunday and, in this very Christian country, people are out in strength. The churches are packed, and so are the restaurants. Ice creams for the children as natural follow-ups. But not a scrap of paper. Plenty of exhaust fumes, though, from "Jeepneys" and tricycles taking people to and fro. We will have a closer look at this part of Palawan in the next few days.
Jan Fr. and Johan
S/Y Necessity
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