Necessity is at Rum Cay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 20 Mar 2013 20:32
Our position is 23:38:18N 74:49:93W
We checked into the Bahamas at Mayaguana Island, 45nm northwest from Turks and Caicos. They did have customs and immigration, but not much else. Food did cost like home x 2 - or more. The reefs were not too much to look at. We left for Rum Cay which was rumored to have a marina and a cash machine and even a restaurant - and some good coral. The overnight sail was really good, though with some hours of motoring. And Rum Cay? It is a charming place and there is a sort of marina even though it is not strictly speaking open. It was hit by a hurricane last year and they are still making repairs. The marina is run by a Norwegian girl, Gro, and her boyfriend. We are not often welcomed in our own language. The place is nice, the sun is hot, the mosquitos are not yet out and a cold G&T is waiting. Tomorrow we will take a look at the coral.
jfm 20.03.13

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