Necessity is in Santos (harbour to Sao Paulo)

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 30 Apr 2012 22:22
Our position is 23:59:23S 46:17:19W
Necessity is now in one of the busiest ports in South America and arguably anywhere. Ships come and go with few minutes in between. We just got in after 30 uneventful hours from Sao Francisco. Uneventful but very rainy and with quite a bit of sea.
We had a great time in Joinville. This was thanks to the Joinville Iate Clube and its members and staff. We are very happy that we went all the way in there between the sandbanks. The pilot book made it sound much more difficult than it was. Shame on them for cheating the yacht club out of visitors and the visitors out of the special welcome offered by these hospitable people. A special thanks to Dieter Hardt whom we feel became a friend, one we hope to see again some day.
We left Joinville on Saturday to go and explore Sao Francisco. There we met Gert, a South African that I knew from Piriapolis. He is sailing alone, and we spent the afternoon and evening together. From him we learnt a lot about South Africa and not least the best parks to visit. He was a kind of environmental caretaker, and new them in and out. Information that we will use one of these days.
Sao Francisco is the second oldest town in Brasil, and it was a colorful place. It was a bit hard to enjoy, though, in the rather terrible weather. We had to re-anchor twice due to high winds and choppy conditions. For a while we thought that Gert would have to stay the night since it was not easy to get off the boat. It was not pleasant, but in the end Gert got off and we got some sleep during the night. Sunday morning we were off again with a god wind from behind. It was a fast passage up here, though we did get rather wet from all the rain. It is still raining, but down below Necessity it is still warm and dry.
Jan 30.04.12

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