Necessity is in Mar del Plata in Argentina

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 26 Jan 2012 22:40
Our position is 38:02:47S 57:32:31W
We are in Mar del Plata, in Yacht Club Argentino. We have spent the day visiting health, immigration, customs and the Coast Guard/Navy. It did in fact take most of the day. Even so the paperwork was less than in Chile. Most of the agencies were good humored, and it was ok. It was not so with the Navy. While the Chilean Navy regularly made me laugh even if it was with some frustration, the Argentinian Navy has so far been totally stone faced and quite unpleasant. Not helpful would be too weak. They spent a lot of time with my passport probably looking for the Falklands. Since we never went there, there was of course no such stamp.
This is one of Argentina's major tourist destinations. At the moment I am not quite sure why, but from experience a place will grow on you if you spend time. At the very least the yacht club and its employees are first rate. It is good to be here, even if Argentina my force me to move up to Uruguay before going home to Norway for a spell.
jfm 26.01.12