Necessity is in Paraty

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 10 May 2012 21:14
Our position is 23:13:77S 44:41:73W
Paraty is a special town in Brazil, a major tourist destination. This is an intact Portuguese colonial town from way back. Time has stood still, at least from the outside (there may be a bank inside). The streets are very low compared to the sea level. That seems to be intentional. Way back the streets doubled as a sewer. How else to flush the toilette than to wait for high tide? Today it is all a bit cleaner, and the tourists are milling around without getting their feet dirty.
This is also where Necessity will be for a couple of months. We had planned to go further north before waiting out the hurricane season, but this area is particularly beautiful. It is also particularly safe. The marina is owned by Amyr Klink, a famous Brazilian sailor. His boat, also named Paraty, is here in the marina. It is big and very ugly, built for expeditions to Antarctica.
Before going home we will sail up to Rio and back. It is not far, and the way there has hundreds of anchorages. This is the play ground of the well to do Brazilians - and us.
Jan 10.05.12

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