Necessity is in Elfin Cove

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 6 May 2010 05:03
Our position is 58:11:73N 136:20:82W
Gulf of Alaska is behind us. We had to motor across this notorious stretch of water - dead calm all the way. Ten days ago we thought it would be hard to get across.
Elfin Cove is another scenic, and very little settlement. 25 people in winter, that is all. It will be like that until later in May when tourists move into the lodges. Access is by your own boat or by sea plane. Hardly any cellphone access (only from top of the hill), and Internet none. It is good to be self sufficient.
Life is good, the locals are very nice and we just had a magnificent piece of halibut.
Greetings from Necessity in the Inside Passage.
Eva and Jan Fr.