Necessity is close to Jacsonville, Florida

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 8 Apr 2013 20:52
Our position is 30:19:81N 81:26:24W
I am almost in Jacksonville, northern Florida. That's where Necessity will stay for a month while I go home. Eva and I will both return to Necessity in early May. At that time we will also be joined by two sailing friends, Anne Brith and Tom. In 2005/06 we crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific together, they in their Stormsvalen. This time they are coming with us up the US east coast, so we need to stock up on G&T. It should be fun.
The trip up here has been interesting, though it is tiring always having to watch the lateral markers. The canal is not wide, and if I loose concentration I may end up in the mud at the embankment. It is hard work compared to offshore cruising. It has been very interesting, but I look forward to a break.
jfm 08.04.13

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