Necessity is in Bahia Tortuga

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 20 Jan 2011 02:58
Our position is 27:41:27N 114:53:13W
Necessity is anchored in a large, well protected bay. We just came back from the local cantina in Puerto san Bartolome. The village is not much, about 100 years from San Diego which is just a few hundred miles up the coast. But people smile and seem happy enough. The food was not great, but irrefutably Mexican.
Coming down here took tree days from Ensenada. It was quite an experience. We sailed right into a large pod of Blue Whales. Their size in terms of numbers is well known - 40 meters long, up to 200 tons in weight. They are HUGE! And laud. When they breathe it is a rumbling noise that can be heard from far away. When they surface you first see the head, then the blow hole, then a lot of back and far back a dorsal fin. They don't often show the tail. We had three or four surfacing at a time. And yes, we do have pictures to prove it. They were around for a long time.
The marine life here is unbelievable. Huge pods of dolphins, sometimes hunting together with equally numerous sea lions. There are also porpoises and seals and other types of whales. They seem to be around all the time. We even spotted a turtle. Taking the variety into account we have never seen anything like it.
The weather has been a little disappointing, cold and will too little wind. Too much motoring, but also some good sailing. In a few days we will be down to 22 degrees north. By then it has to be warmer?
jfm 19.01.11