Necessity is in Cockburn Harbour in Turks and Caicos

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 15 Mar 2013 17:39
Our position is 21:29:50N 71:32:27W
We had a good sail up here after waiting for weather in the BVIs. Initially we had to sail hard on the wind along the coast of Puerto Rico until the wind shifted and we could set course direct for the Turks and Caicos. These are a number of small Islands which geologically is the beginning of the Bahamas. Grand Turk may have been where Columbus first landed in the New World, though others think it was further north.
The Caicos was also where Arne was waiting to join Necessity. Since we had to wait for weather in the BVIs, he had to wait for two days for Necessity to arrive. We are now sitting in the lagoon waiting for a new cold front to move through with more northerlies as a consequence. The weather is truly weird, but we should be off tomorrow.
Cockburn Harbour is on South Caicos and it is far from the center of the world. The place is quite a bit like a Steinbeck novel. There seems to be very little work, so people mostly sit around in the shade, some of them with somewhat glassy eyes. There may be more to it than just sitting around.
When we move on it will be for the Bahamas.
jfm 15.03.13

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