Necessity was in Allens Cay

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 31 Mar 2013 09:45
Our position is 24:44:90N 76:50:27W
We managed to sail approximately half way up to Allens Cay. From there on the engine had to do the work. As normal Necessity was hard on the wind. The northerlies are really a pain, driven by cold fronts that peel off low pressure areas over the American continent. They are normally not that common. Normally. This year they seem to be the rule.
Allen Cay is special because it is where the original Caribbean iguanas still live. People come from afar to watch them. There are also some beautiful beaches and strong currents.
We did watch the iguanas and we did get some good pictures. It was a brief visit, but a good stop on our rather fast sail towards Florida.
jfm 30.03.13

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