Necessity is in Estero de las Montanas

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 1 Jan 2012 13:11
Our position is 51:52:99S 73:16:05W
Necessity is next to huge glaciers all the way down to the fjord with snow clad mountains as an impressive backdrop. The view from the galley is more than impressive. Necessity is suspended between our anchor and two lines ashore. It is two hours before midnight on New Years Eve, but still full daylight. Aquavite and Single Malts are on the table. The Champagne is being cooled. We have called home to 2012 in Norway. The mood is good. Onboard is Fredrik (my son) in addition to Bjarte, Hans-Jacob and myself.
This morning we sailed away from four other cruising boats to get here. This fjord is difficult with very strong northerly winds. Today promised only light winds on the nose, an opportunity not to be missed. The weather forecast was good, so here we are. We missed a roasted lamb with the other boats. A pity of course, but this fjord was worth it.
Necessity was four days in Puerto Natales, or rather in the little harbour six miles west in Puerto Consuelas. It was the best option with winds gusting "only" to about 45 knots. Necessity was still safe with our Typhoon setup. The Bruce anchor in front of the Space on one chain. We left for the very famous park of Torres del Payne. The park has huge granite towers and fantastic walks. There was only one downside: The park was burning. We were lucky and were staying in a small family hotel in the northeastern corner (close to Argentina). It was outside the path of the fires. When we returned from our walk we met lots of evacuated people. Some had fled their hotels without their belongings and even their passports. We left in the morning engulfed in the smoke, but with all our belongings.
So here we are. Tomorrow we are going close to the glaciers collecting ice for our drinks. After that we head south so that Fredrik can get off again in a weeks time in Punta Arenas. This is a fairly fast cruise, but a good one.
Happy New Year to you all from the crew of Necessity,
Jan Fr.