Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1700nm to the entrance

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 9 Nov 2011 16:00
Our position is 32:30:70S 108:00:60W
People that have followed this blog will most likely think: "Why, they are hardly getting any closer." Well, we are getting closer, but not very fast. It is also true that it is frustrating. According to World Cruising Routes it should be possible to make some "easting". We find that very hard. There is a strong trade coming exactly from where Puerto Montt (our objective) is. Today the grib files indicated the wind going straight east giving us an opportunity to go a little east. For once the grib files failed us. At the moment we are going south and a little to the west.
It will not last. In 1-2 days we will be down in the westerlies. That is a sure source of the wind direction we need. The westerlies can also be very strong. We now hope for better conditions. It will, however, probably be no warmer. To day we had to start the heater for the first time.
Jfm 09.11.11