Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 380nm to the entrance

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 19 Nov 2011 13:05
Our position is 40:33:00S 82:12:00W
Yesterday there was little wind. This may still be more than 1000 miles from Cape Horn, but the pattern seems to be somewhat the same. A low is passing giving fairly strong winds (not like down at the Horn). Then there is a calmer period for a couple of days before a new low is passing through. The weather forecast promises the next one fairly soon. I expect it may blow quite a bit, but from a very favorable direction. It will probably be wet and fast.
The temperature isn't too much to brag about either, so the heater is on at least part of the night. It's an essential tool down here.
At this stage we are planning landfall. Can we get in Monday evening? That seems a bit tough, but maybe. How is it to go in at night, and what about the strong currents. According to the pilot we can at least go as far as a little anchorage at Puerto Ingles close to a lighthouse. There we may have to wait for a favorable tide - around 0200 Tuesday morning seems good. These channels are dangerous unless you get the tides right. All these deliberations cause some butterflies, but that is generally good. In Necessity land is much more dangerous that the sea.
Jfm 19.11.11