Necessity is in Ketchikan

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 24 May 2010 20:37
Our position is 55:20:97N 131:41:00W
Hans-Jacob, Lise and Jan Fr. is on board.
Ketchikan is where we check out of the US. There will be one more anchorage before Canada.
The town of Ketchikan has one historic part which is quite charming and a newer part which is rather ugly. Historically the old part used to be more charming still having a very impressive red light district and some very famous prostitutes. One of the old houses has been turned into a museum. Ketchikan is proud of its past with Hans-Jacob a very engaged student.
That also includes the huge selection of totem poles in the native museum. The huge poles apparently had many uses. If you wanted to make a statement you could make a totem pole. If someone did something wrong or foolish you made a "ridicule pole".
Fishing and tourism is the mainstay of local life. Necessity is doing well at tourism, but our fishing record is dismal. Our license has bee a total waste so far, and the Chinnok eludes us. Our license is only valid in the US, so Hans-Jacob is doing a crash course in Chinnok fishing to see if the record can be improved.
Jan Fr.