Necessity is en route to the British Virgin Islands

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 4 Mar 2013 18:49
Our position is 15:40:02N 63:22:63W
Most people don't understand what we are doing. From Trinidad to BVI direct? We are missing out on some of the best cruising there are. On the other hand I have been there a few times before. The total crew onboard consists of Jon Ziesler and myself. We have agreed to concentrate on the Bahamas and one place in the Caribbean. The BVIs are a pretty good choice.
Besides we are on a schedule to get to Bahamas, also outstanding, and a place I haven't seen to much of. Besides Jon's wife Astri as well an old hand onboard, Arne, are joining us there. Jon is not new onboard. In 2010 he came along from Vancouver to San Francisco. A good sailor and a good companion.
I got back to the boat a little over a week ago. There are always lots to sort out. Necessity now has a new standing rig (all the wires), new coats of varnish (9) all around in the cockpit, a new stove (Eno) and new batteries. All necessary upgrades after close to 8 years under way. I had hoped to keep the batteries a little longer mostly because they weigh 70 kilograms each. I have always dreaded the day I had to get them out again. In the end our West Marine charger made the decision for us and "cooked" one of them. Getting new ones were easy since they sold them literally next door. In an hour or two the old ones were "winched" out of the aft cabin and the new ones in. We were pretty happy with that piece of ingenious work.
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