Necdssity is in Melinca at Isla Ascension

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 17 Dec 2011 21:19
Our position is 43:53:88S 73:45:01W
Pto Melinca is 160nm south of Puerto Montt, a decent stretch. The sail was nice - the scenery outstanding. We are staying here for the night and will be off in the morning. For us it is important to get past Golfo de Penas befor a forecasted depression makes that offshore stretch of water less attractive. We have three days to cover the 250 miles, not particularly challenging.
The crew of Necessity now consists of Bjarte and Hans-Jacob in addition to myself. I am very lucky to be able to sail with very old friends. They have both spent considerable time onboard before, so I can basically relax and leave it to them. And I am no longer the cook. "What? You have never made marinated salmon onboard?" (...meaning from scratch..) "This is not the way to fry onions!" "What do you mean you have enough sugar and spices? This is not enough for even two weeks."
I may still be allowed to make eggs and bacon - maybe. It is fine with me.
We were delayed in Puerto Montt one day more than we wanted to. Customs thought we had overstayed our temporary permit from Easter Island. If we had, it was pretty hard to understand. The marina fortunately agreed with us, and sorted it all out. Marina del Sur in Puerto Montt is first rate. Very nice people and good facilities. A home away from home.
We now look forward to the next hop down the coast. It comes highly recommended. Christmas is after that, and then Fredrik (our son) comes to visit. He will do Cape Horn and more. There is so much to look forward to, even though I miss having Eva onboard. She definitely prefers to sail in warmer and more stable climates.
Jan Fr. 17.12