Fiji here we come

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 6 May 2007 23:53
Our position is 28:34:00S 176:07:00E
We are sailing around in the Pacific again, but it is not really "Pacific". Kiwis know about weather at sea, and they have their own vocabulary. "Squash Zones", "Egg beaters" and "Tropical Bombs". None of them are desirable, and the latter two are definitely better avoided. And yet, despite the initially good weather window, these are being discussed. The reason; a big high pressure area over New Zealand and a low over Fiji. Well, it is not really that bad. Currently 25 - 30 knots on the beam and lumpy seas. We are coasting along at 7,5 knots, and we are into a moderate "Squash Zone". It will increase a little before it gets better tomorrow afternoon. Or so we (and the GRIB files) think.
We don't see them, but around us are dozens of boats. The ones behind us still live in fear of a "Tropical Bomb" developing. This happens if the low over Fiji really decides to head for New Zealand.
Jfm 07.05.07

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