Fiji is near

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 10 May 2007 01:08
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SUBJECT:Fiji is near
Our position is 21:41:50S 177:47:00E
The "Squash Zone" is behind us. There were 40 knots of wind form the east and heavy, breaking seas before we were through. Quite a few boats had damage to sails, and there were a few cases of structural damage, but all seems to manage.
It was not boring for us in Necessity either. A was sleeping quite well when suddenly I was hit by a flood of water from above. The culprit was the dorado went right above me. Water is not supposed to come through there, but with a lot of sea on deck it came down like from a fire hose. We bought new caps for the vents in New Zealand. Why we didn't use them in a storm is a bit of a "misery". In weather like that we don't shower that often, so maybe it was for the best. Other than that? A shark finally had a go at our towing generator. It took away the blades. The shark must have got some tooth ache to remember. Luckily we have spare blades on board. Fiji is now less than two days away.
Jfm 10.05.07