Necessity is in Katsuura on Honshu

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 23 Jun 2009 22:13
Our position is 33:37:72N 135:56:91E
This is a fishing village where all the inhabitants seem to be frends of Ken (Kunio Ishikawa san). We met Ken in Okinawa, and he has made our life easy ever since. In Katsuura it means that everything is organized including being waved into the best mooring along the wall. “Do you need fuel or water?” “Can we take you to the supermarket or bank?” “We have made special arrangements with the local tourist board. They will take you to waterfalls, hot springs and holy shrines.” “They have also provided an interpreter.” We have now found out that Ken keeps his boat in the vicinity in the winter. Maybe that explains the service level. His friends here are also very nice people, and interesting when we are able to penetrate the language barrier. It is not difficult to understand why some boats get stuck in Japan. And yes, the shrine and temple was very impressive as was the old pilgrim trail among 800 years old cedar trees.
S/Y Necessity
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