Necessity is in Geographic Harbor, Alaska

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Thu 13 Aug 2009 06:39
Our position is 58:06:89N 154:36:51W
This is one of the best places to watch bears fish for salmon. The show is going on inside us in the river at this moment. There are three of them, two grown ups and one cub. We just got in, so we will go ringside tomorrow. We are armed with bear repellent, or was it bear deterrent? This is an oversized can of pepper spray with a range of 35 feet. Something for a Friday night anywhere. But bears?
We feel safer with the sea otters. They sleep on the surface with four legs up, quite relaxed. They look very startled when we sneak up to them under sail. They are, however, not easy photo objects. We will get a good shot one day.
More about Geographic later.
S/Y Necessity
Jan Fr. and Katherine onboard
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