Necessity is at Punta Maramuta on Isla Cabo Frio

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 1 Oct 2012 22:01
Our position is 22:59:92S 42:00:44W
We left Marina Naval Charitas at 0130 this morning/night. We got here just before sunset. It has been blowing hard all day, and it still is. This was a very small weather window, more like a pidgin hole, but it looked like the only opportunity this week. We had to hug the coast to avoid some really choppy seas. The sailing was not good, but we got here to this anchorage which is rather desolate. It is described as very good, and I hope the Cruising Guide got it right. It is gusting thirty knots in here. Fortunately the holding does appear to be very good.
We had a good time in Rio and surroundings, but enough is enough. Tomorrow we will probably move up to the town of Cabo Frio (very close by) where the yacht club is supposed to be good. There we will wait out this rather windy weather before we can be northward bound. A little further north and we should be in the trade winds.
jfm 27.09.12

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