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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Aug 2013
Wed 28 Aug 11:45 Necessity is home in Middagsbukta outside Oslo 59:51.56N 10:33.07E
Fri 23 Aug 17:37 Necessity is in Egersund 58:27.18N 6:00.01E
Sun 18 Aug 07:09 Necessity is back in Norway 60:13.85N 5:17.17E
Sun 18 Aug 07:07 Necessity is in Krokeide in Norway 60:13.85N 5:17.17W
Thu 15 Aug 07:47 Necessity is in Lerwick in Shetland 60:09.25N 1:08.46W
Mon 12 Aug 17:10 Necessity is in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands 62:00.54N 6:46.33W
Mon 12 Aug 17:07 Necessity is en route to the Faroe Islands 62:37.26N 10:55.16W
Wed 07 Aug 18:03 Necessity is in Vestmanneyjar, Iceland 63:23.63N 20:16.21W
Sat 03 Aug 11:21 Necessity is in Keflavik Marina, Iceland 64:00.53N 22:33.38W
Jul 2013
Mon 29 Jul 18:46 Necessity is out at sea headed for Icelandd 60:33.13N 40:08.50W
Mon 29 Jul 10:27 Necessity was in Herjolfsnes in Greenland 59:59.68N 44:43.19W
Sat 27 Jul 17:00 Necessity is in Nanortaliq in Greenland 60:08.30N 45:14.43W
Thu 25 Jul 11:37 Necessity is in Qaqortoq in Greenland 60:42.98N 46:02.23W
Sun 21 Jul 21:58 Necessity is in Narsarsuaq in Greenland 61:08.65N 45:26.07W
Tue 16 Jul 13:23 Necessity is in Paamuit in Greenland 61:59.80N 49:40.34W
Wed 10 Jul 22:25 Necessity is in Paamuit in Greenland 61:59.80N 49:40.34W
Mon 08 Jul 15:50 Necessity is getting close to Greenland 58:45.01N 50:30.13W
Sat 06 Jul 08:49 Necessity is en route to Greenland 53:39.55N 53:26.64W
Thu 04 Jul 19:00 Necessity is in Straitsview in Newfoundland 51:35.29N 55:29.53W
Wed 03 Jul 00:24 Necessity is in l'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland 51:36.11N 55:31.69W
Tue 02 Jul 01:08 Necessity is in St. Barbe in Newfoundland 51:12.22N 56:46.36W
Jun 2013
Sun 30 Jun 00:30 Necessity is in Port au Choix I Newfoundland 50:42.31N 57:21.07W
Fri 28 Jun 10:25 Necessity is in Rouzes Brook in Newfoundland 48:28.61N 59:11.99W
Thu 27 Jun 10:41 Necessity is in Codroy in Newfoundland 47:52.81N 59:23.87W
Tue 25 Jun 01:18 Necessity is in Port aux Basques in Newfoundland 47:34.48N 59:08.41W
Mon 24 Jun 01:11 Necessity is in Ingonish Harbour at the northern end of Cape Breton Island 46:37.76N 60:23.48W
Fri 21 Jun 00:50 Necessity is in Spry Bay east of Halifax 44:50.14N 62:36.65W
Wed 19 Jun 11:50 Necessity is in Halifax Nova Scotia 44:38.17N 63:36.79W
Tue 18 Jun 10:34 Necessity is in Lunenburg in Nova Scotia 44:22.47N 64:18.24W
Sat 15 Jun 17:39 Necessity was in Newburyport 42:48.78N 70:52.19W
Wed 12 Jun 16:38 Necessity is in Boston 42:21.60N 71:02.77W
Sun 09 Jun 14:55 Necessity is at Block Island in Rode Island state 41:11.02N 71:34.60W
Fri 07 Jun 17:19 Necessity is in the Thimbles in Connecticut 41:15.04N 72:45.24W
Fri 07 Jun 00:01 Necessity is in the Thimples in Connecticut 41:15.04N 72:45.24W
May 2013
Fri 31 May 00:06 Necessity is in New Jersey 40:45.53N 74:01.13W
Fri 24 May 11:47 Necessity is in Warwick Yacht Club in Newport News, Virginia 37:05.14N 76:31.30W
Tue 21 May 11:26 Necessity is in Alligator River in North Carolina 35:40.32N 76:05.62W
Fri 17 May 15:03 Necessity is in Charleston in South Carolina - City Marina 32:46.66N 79:57.21W
Sun 12 May 12:37 Necessity is in Alligator Creek, in Florida close to Georgia 30:34.47N 81:28.33W
Apr 2013
Wed 10 Apr 23:45 Necessity is in Jacksonville, Florida 30:19.21N 81:39.70W
Mon 08 Apr 20:52 Necessity is close to Jacsonville, Florida 30:19.81N 81:26.24W
Mon 08 Apr 20:51 Necessity is in Matanza River 30:19.81N 81:26.24W
Sun 07 Apr 22:03 Necessity is in Matanza River 29:43.04N 81:14.47W
Fri 05 Apr 22:33 Necessity is in Palm Bay close to Cape Canaveral 27:59.59N 80:32.66W
Wed 03 Apr 22:56 Necessity was in Fort Lauderdale 26:06.14N 80:06.99W
Mar 2013
Sun 31 Mar 09:45 Necessity is in Bimini (Alice Town) 25:43.33N 79:17.93W
Sun 31 Mar 09:45 Necessity was in Allens Cay 24:44.90N 76:50.27W
Wed 27 Mar 16:00 Necessity is in Little Farmers Cay 23:57.83N 76:19.31W
Sun 24 Mar 22:16 Necessity is in Geoge Town (the road stead) 23:30.58N 75:45.60W
Fri 22 Mar 18:54 Conception Island revisited 23:51.01N 75:07.22W
Fri 22 Mar 18:06 Conception Island revisited 23:51.01N 75:07.22W
Wed 20 Mar 20:32 Necessity is at Rum Cay 23:38.18N 74:49.93W
Sat 16 Mar 22:50 Necessity is at the middle of the Caicos Bank 21:35.84N 72:04.38W
Fri 15 Mar 17:39 Necessity is in Cockburn Harbour in Turks and Caicos 21:29.50N 71:32.27W
Thu 07 Mar 18:32 Necessity is at Sandy Spit 18:27.01N 64:42.64W
Mon 04 Mar 18:49 Necessity is en route to the British Virgin Islands 15:40.02N 63:22.63W
Nov 2012
Fri 30 Nov 11:30 Necessity is in Chaguaramas in Trinidad' 10:40.83N 61:38.05W
Wed 28 Nov 12:11 Necessity is en route to Trinidad 9:46.00N 58:36.00W
Mon 26 Nov 10:28 Necessity is en route to Trinidad 6:30.00N 53:46.00W
Thu 22 Nov 21:18 Necessity is in Kourou in French Gayana 5:08.84N 52:38.74W
Wed 21 Nov 10:26 Necessity is not on her way to Africa 4:02.00N 49:29.00W
Tue 20 Nov 20:53 Necessity is in route to French Gayana 2:51.00N 27:21.00W
Sun 18 Nov 11:13 Necessity is in route to French Gayana 0:40.00S 41:53.00W
Fri 16 Nov 09:21 Necessity is in route to French Gayana 4:17.69S 36:28.80W
Tue 13 Nov 17:22 Necessity is in Natal 5:45.88S 35:12.30W
Fri 09 Nov 20:56 Necessity is in Recife 8:04.20S 34:52.36W
Tue 06 Nov 17:24 Necessity is en route to Recife 12:41.00S 36:38.00W
Oct 2012
Thu 25 Oct 09:47 Necessity is in Itaparica 12:53.24S 38:41.28W
Tue 23 Oct 19:47 Necessity is in Maragojipe 12:47.03S 38:54.41W
Thu 18 Oct 21:47 Necessity is in Salvadaor 12:58.79S 38:31.23W
Tue 16 Oct 10:59 Necessity is half way from Abrolhos to Salvador 16:05.30S 38:31.20W
Sun 14 Oct 21:23 Necessity is in Abrolhos, the reefs 17:57.74S 38:41.74W
Fri 12 Oct 11:23 Necessity isen route to Abrolhos reefs 21:50.62S 40:42.47W
Sat 06 Oct 19:01 Necessity is in Saco do Forno close to Buzios 22:45.78S 41:52.57W
Wed 03 Oct 21:56 Necessity is in Yate Clube do Rio in Cabo Frio 22:53.07S 42:00.35W
Mon 01 Oct 22:01 Necessity is at Punta Maramuta on Isla Cabo Frio 22:59.92S 42:00.44W
Sep 2012
Fri 28 Sep 12:52 Necessity is at Marina da Gloria in central Rio 22:55.19S 43:10.24W
Sat 22 Sep 21:41 Necessity is at Pr do Pouso on Islan Grande 23:09.41S 44:08.33W
Wed 19 Sep 21:25 Necessity is at Isla da Cotio near Paraty 23:13.55S 44:38.45W
May 2012
Sun 13 May 12:08 Necessity is in Rio 22:56.01S 43:06.38W
Thu 10 May 21:14 Necessity is in Paraty 23:13.77S 44:41.73W
Thu 10 May 21:10 Necessity is in Ilha Anchieta - congratulations to Theodor who is two tomorrow 23:32.23S 45:03.99W
Sun 06 May 21:30 Necessity is in Llha Anchieta - congratulations to Theodore who is two tomorrow 23:32.23S 45:03.99W
Fri 04 May 11:40 Necessity is in Ilhabela 23:46.28S 45:21.25W
Apr 2012
Mon 30 Apr 22:22 Necessity is in Santos (harbour to Sao Paulo) 23:59.23S 46:17.19W
Wed 25 Apr 17:32 Necessity is in Joinville 26:17.62S 48:46.85W
Mon 23 Apr 20:16 Necessity is in Sao Francisco 26:11.44S 48:34.68W
Sun 22 Apr 12:27 Necessity is en route to Paranagua in Brazil 29:13.00S 48:37.00W
Mon 16 Apr 18:29 Necessity is in Rio Grande in Brazil 32:01.50S 52:06.40W
Mon 16 Apr 18:21 Necessity is en route to Rio Grande in Brazil 33:21.66S 52:06.62W
Sat 14 Apr 21:25 Necessity is en route to Rio Grande in Brazil
Fri 13 Apr 20:53 Necessity is en route to Rio Grande in Brazil
Feb 2012
Fri 03 Feb 14:27 Necessity is in Piriapolis in Uruguay 34:52.49S 55:16.87W
Wed 01 Feb 10:08 Necessity is en route to Piriapolis in Uruguay 36:22.00S 55:44.00W
Jan 2012
Thu 26 Jan 22:40 Necessity is in Mar del Plata in Argentina 38:02.47S 57:32.31W
Wed 25 Jan 10:18 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 39:08.00S 59:53.00W
Tue 24 Jan 10:03 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 41:44.00S 58:24.00W
Sun 22 Jan 09:55 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 46:19.32S 59:35.78W
Sat 21 Jan 10:35 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 48:24.20S 60:17.50W
Fri 20 Jan 09:26 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 50:00.00S 61:46.00W
Thu 19 Jan 12:31 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 51:20.00S 62:10.00W
Wed 18 Jan 10:29 Necessity is en route to Mar del Plata in Argentina 52:45.89S 63:02.33W
Sat 14 Jan 00:30 Necessity is in Puerto Williams 54:56.05S 67:37.28W
Thu 12 Jan 02:09 Necessity is at Puerto Eugenia 54:55.95S 67:18.61W
Mon 09 Jan 23:47 Necessity is just south of Cape Horn 55:59.58S 67:14.10W
Sun 08 Jan 12:51 Necessity is getting closer to Cape Horn 54:45.75S 71:12.71W
Fri 06 Jan 09:23 Necessity is on the way to Puerto Hambre 53:43.14S 70:55.70W
Wed 04 Jan 20:46 Necessity is in Calata Theokita 52:41.59S 73:45.77W
Wed 04 Jan 10:41 Necessity is in Bahia Fortuna 52:15.62S 73:41.01W
Mon 02 Jan 12:29 Necessity is in Caleta Jamie 52:10.96S 73:17.12W
Sun 01 Jan 13:11 Necessity is in Estero de las Montanas 51:52.99S 73:16.05W
Dec 2011
Tue 27 Dec 00:03 Necessity is in a small cove at Isla Jamie 52:10.93S 73:17.10W
Sat 24 Dec 20:45 Necssity is in Caleta Apalasouth of Puerto Eden 49:32.07S 74:23.98W
Fri 23 Dec 13:42 Necssity is in Puerto Eden 49:07.76S 74:25.64W
Thu 22 Dec 12:21 Necessity is at Calet Yvonne, Punta Estacion 48:39.83S 74:19.31W
Tue 20 Dec 22:29 Necessity is at Isla Zealous by Canal Messier 47:49.08S 74:37.76W
Sat 17 Dec 21:19 Necdssity is in Melinca at Isla Ascension 43:53.88S 73:45.01W
Nov 2011
Tue 22 Nov 22:05 Necessity is in Puerto Montt 41:29.40S 72:58.94W
Mon 21 Nov 11:39 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 60nm to the entrance 41:38.00S 75:19.00W
Sat 19 Nov 13:05 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 380nm to the entrance 40:33.00S 82:12.00W
Thu 17 Nov 13:27 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 675nm to the entrance 39:45.00S 88:30.00W
Tue 15 Nov 13:32 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1000nm to the entrance 38:58.00S 95:30.00W
Sun 13 Nov 14:25 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1280nm to the entrance 38:27.00S 101:24.00W
Fri 11 Nov 15:12 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1550nm to the entrance. 36:03.00S 106:44.00W
Wed 09 Nov 16:00 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1700nm to the entrance 32:30.70S 108:00.60W
Sun 06 Nov 16:09 Necessity is under way to Puerto Montt - 1865nm to the entrance. 28:20.25S 108:15.12W
Oct 2011
Sun 30 Oct 16:18 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 310nm to go 23:57.00S 104:38.00W
Fri 28 Oct 15:15 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 650nm to go 20:14.00S 100:03.00W
Wed 26 Oct 15:10 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 960nm to go 16:42.00S 95:50.00W
Mon 24 Oct 16:05 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 1270nm to go 13:07.18S 92:03.58W
Sat 22 Oct 15:50 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 1550nm to go 9:36.71S 88:40.23W
Thu 20 Oct 17:05 Necessity is under way to Easter Island - 1800nm to go 6:33.56S 85:37.41W
Sat 08 Oct 21:38 Necessity is at the ecuator 0:05.37S 80:54.20W
Aug 2011
Thu 18 Aug 10:10 Necessity is in Pedegral in Panama 8:21.49N 82:26.19W
May 2011
Sat 07 May 14:34 Necessity is Key Point in Golfo de Papagayo 10:53.54N 85:54.47W
Fri 06 May 12:19 Necessity is in Bahia de Santa Elena, Costa Rica 10:55.07N 85:47.42W
Tue 03 May 12:40 Necessity is in San Juan del Sur 11:15.32N 85:52.65W
Apr 2011
Thu 28 Apr 12:59 Necessity is in Puesta del Sol in Nicaragua 12:37.51N 87:20.52W
Thu 21 Apr 11:38 Necessity is anchored in the jungle 13:15.78N 88:29.36W
Wed 20 Apr 01:44 Necessity is anchored four miles offshore in El Salvador 13:06.40N 88:25.24W
Tue 19 Apr 16:35 Necessity in in the middle of Golfo de Tehuantepec 16.april 16:06.40N 94:45.87W
Tue 12 Apr 18:28 Necessity is in Huatulco 15:45.84N 96:07.31W
Sat 09 Apr 15:35 Necessity is off Acupulco 16:42.84N 100:21.16W
Tue 05 Apr 15:41 Necesity is in Manzanillo bay 19:06.09N 104:20.72W
Sun 03 Apr 18:01 Necesity is under way towards Manzanillo 20:29.07N 105:37.35W
Mar 2011
Sat 26 Mar 22:17 Necesity is at Punta de Mita 20:45.81N 105:31.18W
Mon 21 Mar 20:15 Necesity is in Isla Isabel near San Blas 21:50.55N 105:52.94W
Sun 13 Mar 15:01 Necesity is safe in Mazatlan, Eva and Jan is in Houston 23:16.19N 106:27.30W
Wed 02 Mar 22:53 Necessity is in Mazatlan 23:16.19N 106:27.30W
Feb 2011
Fri 18 Feb 17:18 Necessity is in La Paz 24:10.95N 110:18.21W
Wed 09 Feb 19:52 Necessity is in the Sea of Cortez between Espirito Santo and Isla Partida 24:31.98N 110:22.75W
Jan 2011
Tue 25 Jan 14:05 Necessity is in Marina Puerto los Cabos 23:03.79N 109:40.60W
Sun 23 Jan 04:13 Necessity is in Puerto Magdalena in Bahia Magdalena 24:38.11N 112:08.23W
Thu 20 Jan 02:58 Necessity is in Bahia Tortuga 27:41.27N 114:53.13W
Sat 15 Jan 00:29 Necessity is in Ensenada Mexico 31:51.29N 116:37.30W
Nov 2010
Sun 28 Nov 09:40 Necessity is still in Chula Vista, but we are back in Oslo, Norway 59:54.67N 10:42.22E
Sat 20 Nov 16:46 Necessity is in Chula Vista San Diego 32:37.48N 117:06.28W
Fri 12 Nov 16:40 Necessity is in Catalina Island 33:25.76N 118:30.46W
Sun 07 Nov 15:56 Necessity is in Santa Barbara 34:24.28N 119:41.34W
Wed 03 Nov 19:10 Necessity is in Monterey 36:36.22N 121:53.43W
Wed 03 Nov 16:00 Necessity is in Monterey 36:36.22N 121:53.43W
Oct 2010
Fri 22 Oct 15:48 Necessity went vine tasting in Napa Valley 38:13.24N 122:18.81W
Sat 02 Oct 15:25 Necessity is in San Francisco Bay 37:51.74N 122:28.65W
Fri 01 Oct 02:41 Necessity is in Bodega Bay outside San Francisco 38:19.34N 123:03.43W
Sep 2010
Wed 29 Sep 17:42 Necessity is off the coast of California en route San Francisco 40:21.77N 124:37.96W
Wed 22 Sep 16:19 Necessity is in Newport, Oregon 44:37.44N 124:03.11W
Fri 17 Sep 16:22 Necessity is in Neah Bay (Cape Flattery) 48:22.48N 124:36.42W
Wed 15 Sep 15:25 Necessity is in Port Townsend 48:07.02N 122:45.06W
Sun 12 Sep 03:58 Necessity is now in the San Juan Islands in USA 48:36.64N 123:09.69W
Fri 10 Sep 01:25 Necessity is now in Victoria on Vancouver Island 48:25.31N 123:22.17W
Sun 05 Sep 16:52 Necessity is in False Creek, Vancouver 49:16.19N 123:07.12W
Jun 2010
Mon 07 Jun 15:24 Necessity is in Comox p 49:40.23N 124:55.81W
Sat 05 Jun 14:54 Necessity is in Port Hardy p 50:42.75N 127:29.34W
Thu 03 Jun 02:31 Necessity is in Fury Cove 51:29.29N 127:45.54W
Wed 02 Jun 03:43 Necessity is in Long Point Cove 52:02.77N 127:57.15W
May 2010
Mon 31 May 04:33 Necessity is in Horsefly Bay 52:55.18N 128:29.06W
Sun 30 May 15:08 We are in Cameron Inlet 53:03.83N 129:06.95W
Sat 29 May 04:54 We are at Otter Shoals, but no otters. 53:23.90N 129:17.14W
Fri 28 May 04:38 Necesisty is in Baker Inlet 53:48.50N 129:56.82W
Wed 26 May 16:26 Necessity is in Prince Rupert, Canada 54:19.19N 130:19.19W
Mon 24 May 20:37 Necessity is in Ketchikan 55:20.97N 131:41.00W
Sat 22 May 14:34 Necessity is in Vixen Bay 55:47.93N 132:10.28W
Fri 21 May 16:32 Necessity is in Berg Bay not far from Wrangell 56:21.78N 132:00.49W
Sat 15 May 17:29 Necessity is in Petersburg - where half the population seems to come from Kristi 56:48.61N 132:57.91W
Wed 12 May 02:32 Necessity is in Taku Harbor 58:03.75N 134:01.24W
Sun 09 May 23:42 Necessity is in Juneau, the capital of Alaska - Eva is on the way to see Theo in Oslo 58:23.01N 134:38.92W
Thu 06 May 05:03 Necessity is in Elfin Cove 58:11.73N 136:20.82W
Sat 01 May 04:25 Necessity is in GArden Cove ready for the Gulf of Alaska 60:20.18N 146:32.71W
Apr 2010
Fri 30 Apr 05:44 Necessity is in Prince Williwm Sound 60:15.67N 147:45.92W
Thu 29 Apr 05:16 Necessity is in Prince Williwm Sound 59:58.02N 148:09.07W
Wed 28 Apr 05:10 New Season -Necessity is at Fox Island in Resurection Bay 59:54.52N 149:20.23W
Sep 2009
Thu 03 Sep 01:51 Necessity is in Seward (close to Anchorage) 60:07.11N 149:26.18W
Aug 2009
Sat 15 Aug 20:24 Necessity is in Kodiak 57:47.18N 152:24.65W
Thu 13 Aug 06:39 Necessity is in Geographic Harbor, Alaska 58:06.89N 154:36.51W
Mon 10 Aug 03:38 Necessity is in Sand Point 55:20.04N 160:29.83W
Mon 03 Aug 18:35 Necessity is in Dutch Harbour 53:52.61N 166:33.12W
Mon 03 Aug 18:21 Necessity is in Dutch Harbour 53:52.61N 166:33.12W
Jul 2009
Wed 29 Jul 19:45 Necessity is under way in the Aleuts headed for Nikolski 52:53.63N 170:35.85W
Fri 24 Jul 20:21 Necessity is on Adak in the Aleuts 51:47.50N 176:49.07W
Sun 19 Jul 10:24 Necessity is in Kiska in Alaska 51:58.22N 177:32.35E
Sun 12 Jul 04:00 Necessity is at sea in the North Pacific 40:53.35N 158:08.64E
Jun 2009
Sun 28 Jun 06:49 Necessity is in Yokohama outside Tokyo 35:22.82N 139:38.90E
Tue 23 Jun 22:13 Necessity is in Katsuura on Honshu 33:37.72N 135:56.91E
Mon 15 Jun 11:53 Necessity is now in Kuchi on the Island of Shikoku in Mainland Japan 33:30.43N 133:33.92E
Tue 09 Jun 23:00 Necessity is in Koniya on Amami Island 28:08.71N 129:18.61E
Sun 07 Jun 02:18 Necessity is still in Ginowan
Tue 02 Jun 06:25 Necessity is now in Okinawa, Japan 26:16.64N 127:43.67E
May 2009
Mon 25 May 22:36 Necessity is now in Ishigaki, Japan 24:20.61N 124:08.88E
Mon 11 May 23:22 Necessity is now in Subic Bay Marina 14:49.36N 120:17.38E
Sun 10 May 00:44 In the eye of the tTyphoon Chan-hom 16:23.00N 119:54.84E
Wed 06 May 12:34 Necessity is in Bolinao again - waiting for the tTyphoon Chan-hom 16:23.13N 119:54.87E
Wed 06 May 12:34 This is how far north Necessity got before turning around 18:27.22N 120:22.85E
Apr 2009
Sun 26 Apr 10:00 Necessity is in Bolinao on the island of Luzon 16:23.08N 119:54.87E
Sat 18 Apr 07:46 Necessity is in Puerto Galero on the island of Mindoro 13:30.44N 120:57.36E
Mon 13 Apr 23:47 Necessity is in Coron on the island of Busuanga 11:59.75N 120:11.80E
Sun 05 Apr 13:24 Necessity is in Puerto Princesa on Palawan 9:44.84N 118:43.78E
Wed 01 Apr 13:20 Necessity has jumped across the Balabac strait to the Philippines 7:48.92N 117:01.36E
Mar 2009
Tue 31 Mar 10:30 Necessity is off Tiga Islet, the northermost tip of Borne 7:20.11N 117:02.57E
Mon 23 Mar 08:20 Necessity is in Kota Kinebalu 5:58.02N 116:03.43E
Fri 20 Mar 00:05 Necessity is in Labuan on Borneo 5:16.48N 115:14.30E
Thu 12 Mar 01:29 Necessity is in Bintulu on Borneo 3:15.86N 113:04.60E
Sun 08 Mar 08:20 Necessity is in Kuchin on Borneo... 1:35.17N 110:26.59E
Fri 06 Mar 08:11 Necessity is approaching Kuchin on Borneo 2:17.93N 108:19.28E
Wed 04 Mar 21:20 Necessity is under way from Palau Tioman to Kuchin på Borne 2:40.05N 105:32.44E
Mon 02 Mar 03:49 Necessity is on Palau Tioman – off east coast Malay peninsula 2:49.08N 104:09.34E
Feb 2009
Fri 27 Feb 11:41 Necessity is in Jason Bay – east coast Malay peninsula 1:54.29N 104:07.84E
Tue 24 Feb 13:55 Necessity is in Singapore 1:20.58N 103:38.04E
Sep 2008
Thu 25 Sep 13:13 Necessity is in Port Dickson 2:28.55N 101:50.75E
Tue 23 Sep 02:21 Necessity is in Batam across from Singapore and it is Eva's birthday 1:11.78N 104:05.85E
Sun 21 Sep 01:06 Necessity has again crossed the equator 0:26.00N 104:30.57E
Mon 15 Sep 22:21 Necessity is in Kumai Borneo (Kalimantan) 2:44.65S 111:43.88E
Wed 10 Sep 00:09 Necessity is in Lovina in Bali 8:09.52S 115:01.38E
Aug 2008
Mon 25 Aug 08:06 Necessity is in Benoa at Bali 8:44.93S 115:12.41E
Wed 20 Aug 08:16 Necessity is in Palau Aer off Lombok 8:21.90S 116:04.90E
Sat 16 Aug 03:02 Necessity is in Rindja 8:39.11S 119:42.79E
Wed 13 Aug 22:09 Necessity is in Labuan Bajo on Flores 8:31.00S 119:52.12E
Sun 10 Aug 00:48 Necessity is in Bone Rate 7:20.71S 121:04.45E
Thu 07 Aug 05:59 Necessity is off Panjang Island west of Butong 5:15.55S 122:41.76E
Tue 05 Aug 06:17 Necessity is resting in a small bay west of Buton 4:26.17S 122:56.42E
Jul 2008
Wed 30 Jul 21:50 Necessity is in Ambon 3:43.61S 128:08.50E
Sun 27 Jul 00:09 We are in Saparua in the Malukas 3:35.28S 128:37.42E
Tue 22 Jul 00:55 We are in Banda in the Malukas 4:31.38S 129:53.89E
Wed 16 Jul 07:05 We are in Debt village at Nuhu Tawun (Tual) 5:44.90S 132:40.80E
Mon 14 Jul 06:07 We are outside Kilon village at Yamdena 7:19.80S 131:26.50E
Thu 10 Jul 22:57 We are still in Saumlaki in Indonesia 7:58.83S 131:17.34E
Mon 07 Jul 01:09 We are in Saumlaki in Indonesia 7:58.83S 131:17.34E
Jun 2008
Tue 17 Jun 22:39 Necessity is in Darwin 12:26.93S 130:51.03E
Thu 12 Jun 06:30 We are in Raffles Bay 11:13.74S 132:24.71E
Sat 07 Jun 08:05 We are in the Wessel Islands 11:35.94S 136:17.76E
Wed 04 Jun 09:41 Necessity is in Gove in the Northern Territories 12:12.01S 136:42.12E
Tue 03 Jun 06:03 We are crossing Gulf of Carpentaria 11:35.84S 139:02.34E
May 2008
Sat 31 May 06:17 Necessity is Seisia in the Torres Straight 10:50.78S 142:21.81E
Tue 27 May 06:21 We are at Flinders Island 14:10.65S 144:13.75E
Fri 23 May 04:12 Necessity is at Lizard Island 14:39.75S 145:27.09E
Fri 16 May 06:17 Necessity is in Cairns 16:55.15S 145:46.89E
Thu 08 May 23:50 Necessity is outside Townsville 19:06.66S 146:51.61E
Sun 04 May 22:43 Necessity is in the Whitsundays 20:26.05S 149:01.63E
Sun 04 May 22:34 Necessity is in the Whitsundays 20:26.05S 149:01.63E
Apr 2008
Fri 25 Apr 00:46 Necessity is in Bundaberg 24:51.79S 152:20.98E
Tue 15 Apr 08:15 Necessity is in Brisbane 27:28.73S 153:01.92E
Sun 06 Apr 23:31 Necessity is in Yamba 29:26.11S 153:20.83E
Mar 2008
Mon 31 Mar 21:48 Necessity is in Laurieton 31:39.07S 152:48.04E
Thu 27 Mar 21:24 Necessity is in Port Stevens 32:42.96S 152:08.99E
Fri 21 Mar 22:02 Necessity is in Sydney 33:52.28S 151:11.33E
Feb 2008
Fri 29 Feb 22:18 Necessity is in Isla Cavada in Panama 7:59.60N 82:01.90W
Oct 2007
Sat 20 Oct 10:52 We are in Coffs Harbour 30:18.25S 153:08.79E
Fri 12 Oct 00:20 We are in Brisbane 27:27.41S 153:11.39E
Sat 06 Oct 20:34 A brief stop at Chesterfield Reef 19:53.67S 158:28.18E
Wed 03 Oct 01:26 We are at sea again 16:31.91S 165:05.77E
Sep 2007
Mon 24 Sep 21:53 We are in Malakula, Vanuatu 16:20.30S 167:45.42E
Fri 14 Sep 07:26 We are in Port Vila, Tanna 17:44.94S 168:18.57E
Sat 01 Sep 06:17 We are in Port Resolution, Tanna 19:31.50S 169:29.39E
Aug 2007
Wed 29 Aug 20:36 Rollercoaster 18:58.46S 172:11.69E
Mon 27 Aug 23:27 Leaving Fiji 17:51.35S 177:07.87E
Jul 2007
Mon 23 Jul 10:29 Necessity at Vuda Point 17:40.88S 177:23.20E
Thu 05 Jul 21:39 Swimming with manta rays in the Yasawas 17:04.97S 177:16.63W
Jun 2007
Sat 23 Jun 06:54 Necessityon the way to Lautoka 17:23.16S 177:47.55W
Thu 07 Jun 22:02 Necessity in Vanua Balavu in the Lau Group 17:13.41S 178:58.14W
May 2007
Thu 31 May 05:30 Kioa, Fiji 16:40.24S 179:54.23E
Sun 13 May 00:46 Necessity is in Savusavu 16:46.67S 179:19.95E
Fri 11 May 03:45 Fiji in sight 19:39.00S 178:05.12E
Thu 10 May 01:08 Fiji is near 21:41.50S 177:47.00E
Sun 06 May 23:53 Fiji here we come 28:34.00S 176:07.00E
Thu 03 May 22:46 Underway to Fiji 33:40.02S 175:05.00E
Apr 2007
Thu 26 Apr 10:06 We have moved north and are now in Opua, Bay of Islands. 35:18.87S 174:07.28E
Thu 12 Apr 22:40 Greetings from Auckland 36:50.23S 174:44.87E
Mar 2007
Thu 15 Mar 04:09 Necessity in New Zealand 35:43.43S 174:19.61E
Wed 14 Mar 07:41 Necessity at 35:43:43S 174:19:61E 35:43.43S 174:19.61E