Necessity is in Ilhabela

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Fri 4 May 2012 11:40
Our position is 23:46:28S 45:21:25W
This is a small place on the island of Ilha De Sao Sebastiao, one of the biggist islands in Brasil. It is not far from our last stop in Santos, a busy stop indeed. There were quite a few "Norwegian" boats in Santos other than Necessity, but none with a Norwegian flag. That is how it is these days. There may have been a few Norwegian officers on the Wilhelmsen car carrier, but it is hard to tell.
Ilhabela is a small tourist village for the big cities in the neighbourhood, not least Sao Paulo. It has a Caribbean flavour and a couple of expensive yacht clubs. There is plenty of space this time of year, but visitors seems not to be allowed into the harbour itself. We are not even sure of that since the staff speaks Portuguese only. Not one word of English or Spanish. Well, the mooring we got it pretty convenient, so we don't complain.
At the moment we look forward to meet old sailing friends that we met in Fiji and Vanuatu. They actually have a house here. It is a small world.
On Sunday we plan to push on towards Rio which is now less than 150 miles away (24 hours if sail non stop).
Jan 04.04.12

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