Necessity is in the Sea of Cortez between Espirito Santo and Isla Partida

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Wed 9 Feb 2011 19:52
Our position is 24:31:98N 110:22:75W
We just arrived after an "over-nighter" from Puerto los Cabos. You may wonder that we stayed in Puerto los Cabos rather longer than planned. So true. We are not often stopped by weather, but the northerlies around Los Frailos kicked us back the two times we tried. The sea was not dangerous, but it literally stopped the boat. It was all very tiresome, but we succeeded the third time. This time we went all the way up here on light winds and a little southerly breeze. Two weeks in Cabo san Lucas was expensive, but we managed to bring the price down to $45 per night - then without access to electricity. The norhterlies, combined with sunshine, kept us charged.
The marina in Puerto Los Cabos is an odd place. A stupendous amount has been invested in simply digging a huge lagoon in the river delta. A further huge amount was spent on some high quality docks and pontoons for super-yachts. After that they quite clearly wandered what do next? What is more natural then than to build a huge cross on top of the "mountain" that probably resulted from digging out the lagoon? After that they apparently purchased a big collection of works by the surrealist Leonora Carrington building a very nice and interesting theme park. They seem to have forgotten about bathrooms - or the money ran out. We had to walk 10 minutes each way to reach the provisional solutions - 3 per gender for this very large marina. Not to worry! While waiting in line you could study art in the theme park. Surrealistic indeed. In a way it was worth it. Leonora Carrington is facinating, and we had some fun with other cruisers that took refuge at the "cheap side" of the marina.
San Jose was very nice too with friendly people, nice "cantinas" and an art district. It was also convenient for Bronwyn. The airport is a major one (it serves Cabo san Lucas) and she found a good connection to LA and back to Sydney.
Espirito Santo is a fairly big island just north of La Paz. We just came in and we don't now much about it yet. Is is nice and red in a desert like way, and the anchorage is good. We are expecting more strong norhterlies so we will stay until we decide to go explore La Paz 20 miles downwind from here.
jfm 08.02.11