Necessity is now in Okinawa, Japan

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 2 Jun 2009 06:25
Our position is 26:16:64N 127:43:67E
We just got in. This is supposed to be a more cosmopolitan place, but at the moment we are stuck in Ginowan Marina. There seems to be some kind of holiday here, so we have not even checked in. Will the guard let us back in if we leave the marina? That, I am sure, will be sorted out tomorrow. Okinawa is the place where we will gather more information including charts and books about Japanese destinations. At he moment we sit and watch American fighters, transports and surveillance planes coming and going.
By the time we left Ishigaki the place had grown on us. Mike Quinn, a resident American Yachtie, helped us find our way around, and a Japanese Yachtie, Kuri, had a little cafe. For a day and a half we had the grandstand to the local Dragon Boat Festival, a colorful event. Only our schedule made us leave.
The crossing from Ishigaki was fine. The weather is still a bit unsettled, but the timing got us to Okinawa with a breeze from the east. If you look at a chart you will see that east is a bit on the nose, but by now we have forgotten about any other kind of sailing. For the next crossing we would like to try with the wind from behind please. Southerlies are supposed to be the seasonal winds.
A report from Okinawa in a few days.
Jan Fr. and Eva
S/Y Necessity
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