Necessity is in a small cove at Isla Jamie

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Tue 27 Dec 2011 00:03
Our position is 52:10:93S 73:17:10W
We have sailed for 36 hours to get here. It is again a beautiful place, but it is totally deserted. That goes for the entire area. In 180 miles we have seen not a singe house and only one boat. That was the local "hurtigruta" called Navimag. There is only one of them and it runs between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales. Deserted gets a whole new meaning. This is like sailing inshore from Haugesund to Molde in Norway without seeing one single house and only one boat. The nature is somewhat similar, but Norway, being considered sparsely populated, is by comparison like a beehive. It is a little eerie.
We have been lucky with the weather though. Sunshine yesterday and for most of today. It is probably quite unusual. Tomorrow we will go up to Puerto Natales, a metropolis of 19.000 people. It is only 40 miles, but we still need a little luck with the wind. The forecast is good, but you never now in these parts. I certainly want to get there since Fredrik (my son) is meeting us there.
You may have noted that we are at 52 degrees south. This is less than five degrees from Cape Horn, so we are getting quite close. So are the glaciers. They are all around us. I expect to pass by at least one extending right down to sea level tomorrow. In some places you have to watch for ice in the water, and we may want to catch some ice cubes for the drinks.
We will be back with more in the very near future. Hans-Jacob and Bjarte says hello.
Jan Fr. 26.12.11