Necesity is under way towards Manzanillo

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 3 Apr 2011 18:01
Our position is 20:29:07N 105:37:35W
We came this morning from the anchorage at Yelapa. It is a semi-autonomous enclave run by the natives. There is no Mexican police there, but it is very tranquil and the standard is probably higher than in most Mexican villages. It is beautiful and a popular place to visit, but you only get there by boat. A few hotels cater for people coming in by water taxis.
We have now covered Banderas Bay and are headed south. It will be a considerable amount of sailing to get down south in Mexico. This is not a short coast. All the resort like towns around Banderas Bay was nice. Puerto Vallarta being the hub, has a very nice waterfront with lots of art and artists. The sand sculptures they make at the beach are amazing. There will be a full report in hour regular blog shortly.
jfm 03.04.11