Necessity is still in Chula Vista, but we are back in Oslo, Norway

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sun 28 Nov 2010 09:40
Our position is now 59:54:67N 10:42:22E
What a change. From balmy San Diego via very warm Houston to very chilly Oslo. I just came back from a walk around the central harbour with our daughter's dog, Luna. The temperature was -8C (17F), there is snow in the air, and the wind came in hard gusts . With full winter gear it is, however, still quite pleasant. Luna thinks it is great.
The snow bit is good. Without snow midwinter Oslo can be bleak.
We are privileged. Houston was great. It is always good to stay with Fredrik and Amanda (son and daughter in law). Last night we spent with Helene and Jørn (daughter and son in law) and some of their friends. Helene's turkey was delicious for man and dog alike.
We will be home until the end of December, but til then skiing with Luna will be the favourite pastime. After that we are off to Mexico.
jfm 28.11.10