Necessity is in Puerto Galero on the island of Mindoro

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 18 Apr 2009 07:46
Our position is 13:30:44N 120:57:36E
Puerto Galero is one of the best Typhoon shelters in the Philippines. It is protected all around in a fjord like bay. This means also that there is hardly any wind in the anchorage, and very hot. Though hot, it is still a beautiful place which is also famous for the pristine reefs.
This is also part of the tourist's Philippines, so we are not alone. The yacht Club is nice with many permanently living expats as members. Most of the members are here for the sea, the islands and the low prices, but some seems to be here because of the local attractions in the next village - one of the centers of the Philippino sex industry.
Puerto Galero is also a good place to leave the boat when visiting Manila. We will go across on Monday and back on Tuesday. Manila harbor is best left to the big ships.
Finally, we had some excellent sailing coming up here from Coron. The Gennaker was up for many hours with Necessity making 7-8 knot. Finally a leg without the wind on the nose.
Jan Fr. and Johan
S/Y Necessity
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