Necessity is in Ensenada Mexico

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Sat 15 Jan 2011 00:29
Our position is 31:51:29N 116:37:30W
We are in Mexico. Ensenada looks like a nice place with very friendly locals. They speak quite good English which is helpful at this stage. Some Spanish words are coming back - slowly. Most of this day has been spent checking in. It involved an impressive number of forms and officials including quite a few pay stations. Not that it is particularly expensive. The marina manager is very helpful and rendered support during the entire process. The support may be included in the marina rates which are the highest we have experience since British Columbia. I did not expect Mexico to top that list. It is not unique for this marina. All the marinas in Ensenada are priced the same.
We had a very good sail down from San Diego. The crew has grown substantially. Bronwyn, whom Eva and I met in Australia two years ago, is sailing with us. It was very good to see her again. In addition Ken from Chula Vista came along. He wanted to check out the marinas down here before bringing his own boat down. The sea was blue, the sun was warm and sea lions and dolphins played along the boat. A times the dolphins and the sea lions were hunting together as if the belonged to the same pod. That was new to me. We did also see a couple of whales at a distance before finding our way into Ensenada. While writing this Ken has proved his definite worth as a crew member. He just came back after having salvaged one of our fenders.
Now we are here waiting for WiFi to happen. It is included in the rate, but seems quite elusive. This message goes out using our Iridium system.