Necessity is in Laurieton

Eva and Jan Fr. Mack
Mon 31 Mar 2008 21:48
Our position is 31:39:07S 152:48:04E
Necessity has again moved north and is now in Laurieton. The sail from Port Stevens was wonderful with a northerly breeze all through the night. We were hard on the the wind, but the sea was entirely calm and the current reasonable. The norm is a 2-3 knot current from the north, not at all pleasant to sail into. We crossed the sandbar early in the morning and went up the ebbing river, again curtsy of the calm weather. These shallow sandbars are treacherous in a blow, but we only felt a slight swell as we passed the 3 meter bar.
The small towns and villages up the New South Wales coast are the opposite of Sydney: Drowsy, modest and unsophisticated. But the people are still Australian and welcoming. "Good day mate" and "no worries" is often the start of a good chat about peoples and places. Most Australians have traveled. Laurieton seems to be mostly for pensioners and the main attraction is the United Servicemens Club. Such clubs are found in many towns and are social hubs for retired military personnel. The one in Laurieton is huge and offers good restaurants and bars, a library, a little museum and also doubles as a well developed gambling hall. Visiting yachties are welcome.
It has been a while since we were this far inland with Necessity. We are now set to hike up the 500 meter "mountain" which is said to have a spectacular view. We will do anything to see Necessity from above.
Jan Fr.
S/Y Necessity
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